Surface Art Application

To create the optimal learning experience for salon owners and stylists while enabling their ability to offer their guests healthy, innovative, and superior products to work with at home. We are committed to providing a rewarding learning experience and opportunities of personal and professional growth for our educators. "Education is a continuous journey; a way of life. It is essential for your growth and future. Surface Art Team members become part of our Surface family who are committed to professionalism, growth and caring for one another and the world we live in."

Thank you for your interest in joining the Surface Art Team!

In addition to submitting your application the following requirements will need to be completed.

·         You must work in a salon that carries the full line of Surface. 

·         Submit a You Tube video of you presenting: 

             o   Why you wish to become a Surface Artist

             o   Your favorite Surface product and why

Note: Your video does not need to be of professional caliber and can be 5 minutes in length or less. 

Application and You Tube video submitted to Director of Surface Education, Becca Grund and your Surface Salon Growth Manager.  You will be contacted once your information has been received. Thank you for choosing Surface!

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